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Linger Longer is pleased to announce our partnership with a prestigious FLY FISHING SYNDICATE.

Located on the De Berg road, approximately 14kms away from Dullstroom towards Lydenburg, you will find LUNSKLIP and CRITCHLEY COMMON, two syndicates comprising five and two trout dams respectively. These syndicates are under the same management and are both expertly maintained. The exclusive dams range in size from 1 to 5 hectares and are situated on a private, pristine farm, away from noisy roads, towns, and commercial activities, and conveniently located near the four-star Linger Longer Cottages.

The Lunsklip River is the source of water for the dams, which are renowned for their crystal-clear waters that hold large and aggressive Brown and Rainbow Trout. For the past 26 years, responsible stock management practices, the abundance of aquatic and birdlife, and the pristine water quality have consistently produced fish weighing up to 10 pounds for the members. The syndicate members prioritize giving back to their community, and annually support the South African Guide Dogs for the Blind charity event. Regular newsletters keep members informed and ensure that feedback is valued. If you’re seeking to improve your fly-fishing skills, fish more often, or pursue that elusive trophy trout, consider joining a reputable syndicate. LUNSKLIP and CRITCHLEY COMMON are guaranteed to satisfy your fishing needs!

To become a member of this elite FLY FISHING SYNDICATE, PLEASE CONTACT :


CELL: 082 853 9252